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garden designfest
Melbourne Garden
DesignFest 2010

We were very proud to be one of 28 landscape designers across Melbourne invited to take part in Garden DesignFest, a charity based open garden weekend. The garden shown here is a wonderfully balanced space which works just as well for one or two people as it does for a party of over 50. The central feature is the teppanyaki (hibachi) BBQ set into a slab of natural edge slate. This rests on a plinth of reclaimed beams and rusted steel panels and allows friends to gather around the cooking.

Behind is a waterfall made of local stone and the area is surrounded by plantings of both ornamental and culinary plants. There is also a slate and wrought iron table for dining and a candelabra suspended from an overhanging branch to give a soft light in the evening.

By giving each element its own space the area flows easily and relaxes the visitor.

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