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Landscape Feature Project

Complete rebuild of half acre grounds. Objectives developed in concert with the client, were
– Create a series of linked rooms which would allow both intimate and expansive entertaining.
– Delineate private and visitor areas without the use of barriers such as fences.
– Address the existing lack of drainage.
– Reduce traffic noise from the street.
– Maximize the use of existing mature trees and sight lines

Sensitive to the architecture of the original building the design includes a primary entertaining area on the upper level of thermal bluestone paving with overflow capability onto the adjoining grass and adjacent firepit area.

Additional “rooms” include a private patio off the owner’s bedroom and a private patio off the living room.

Traffic noise was addressed using a combination of tiered plantings, hedges and sound attenuation barriers.

Drainage was addressed by a combination of regrading and water catchment with diversion using buried pipes. All plants and stone were sourced locally.

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Entering from the road, the driveway curves across to ample parking. On the right, the garden beds tier up to a double planted laurel hedge which hides a sound attenuation barrier to reduce traffic noise. Care was taken with the hedge planting to preserve sight lines from the house of Newport harbor.The entrance to the home is clearly presented, marked with well lit columns of fieldstone with thermal bluestone caps. In the background is the private sitting area off the home’s living room behind the sound hedge.A pond with waterfall is set amongst a mix of perennial cutting flowers and water plants. To the left a brick and bluestone path leads to the stairway to the upper level.
The firepit area can be intimate and private but can also be used to accommodate additional tables for larger gatherings. The trellises in the background will be covered with climbing roses and are on the sight lines looking along the patio and up the drivewayThe firepit area shows, on the right, the transitional planting from the lawn to trees of mixed hydrangeas with an understory of ferns. The area drains surface water to the right and down the hill. A spring on the right slope is captured by buried perforated pipe and diverted away also.In the background is the custom built grill, the top of which is a single piece of bluestone almost 8’x4’. Soft lighting is provided by LEDs set under the wall cap stones whilst stronger overhead lighting is provided by lamps on the arch structure.
Thermal bluestone paving is mortared on a concrete slab with cutting garden uphill to the right. A visual boundary is created using a hedge of hydrangeas and a line of posts and beams which reflect the architectural detail of the home.The curved staircase also flares from top to bottom. Curved wall cap stones were templated and custom cut off site. The fieldstone was quarried on Aquidneck Island.An antique, cast iron urn was sourced and converted to hold water plants. It sits in a flower bed edged by boxwood to the left of the entrance to the home. It is up lit at night and has a hidden automatic water leveling system.

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