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A complete design and build company responsible for your entire project

Landscape Design & Construction

Every garden is unique and the joy of what we do is work with our clients to create a vision and bring it to life. It is that partnership which is the key to creating a space with a timeless quality that works as it is intended.

Dyer Design takes care of everything outside the footprint of your home, from the initial planning to earthworks through all construction and planting to the final lighting. After all, a garden is a place of peace and relaxation; you shouldn’t be stressed when building it.

Design and 3D visualisation
Earthworks and site preparation
Hardscape, paving, decking and structures
Drainage and irrigation
Planting and maintenance

Victorian Landscape Industries Silver Medal winner    Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, 2010. Bronze medal winner.    RI Nursery & Landscape Association

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